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The space agency will start the year with the placing in orbit of a somewhat special satellite, this satellite seeks to approach Saturn and study it for a period of years. We will have photographs of its atmosphere, its rock formations and if there were, its lakes, rivers and seas; which logically in advance is assumed non-existent.

It seems a lie but our scientists have been able to calculate with simple mathematics all the possible problems that may affect the orbit of this Saturnian satellite. Auxiliary energy sources of solar character, being our king star responsible for driving our satellite to the vicinity of Saturn, which is planned in the coming months.

Everything will depend on solar storms that may affect the integrity of our satellite as well as the small asteroids that drift in space.

This year 2019 we will contemplate one of the most ambitious projects of man, the conquest of the solar system with its main planets. This is something that only 100 years ago would seem impossible, even unthinkable. Only open minds of writers like Jules Verne already pointed out the possibility of space travel in his book “From the Earth to the Moon” where he already had the particular vision that today we have all the inhabitants of the blue planet called Earth. Our mission is none other than to know, to investigate and for this the space exploration is one of the isolated grander that man still does not know. And it is at this moment where humility returns to take a big step, this time not on the Moon, this time it will be on Saturn that we will study it in detail with high resolution photographs that will allow us to find out an endless number of peculiarities of our sister planet … good big brother since it is one of the most impressive in the solar system.


The study system will be very similar to the one you are taking with the other great unknown, the planet Mars. Even if we had more, we can remove the label of great unknown because we are photographing its reliefs, taking samples of stones and analyzing all kinds of organisms that we find. This implies another great advance for the man who is no longer content to inhabit his blue planet, but wants to know, and study each of his planets brothers of the solar system. All a feat that we will be witnessing in the coming years.